Gatabi clan also known as Abayangwe is a prominent clan mostly established in South- Western Uganda and other parts of Uganda. This is a clan highly associated with the Bachwezi. After the Chwezi empire disintegrated in the late 15th century, Ruhinda who was the son of Omugabe Wamara had his biological mother called Njunaki daughter of Katuku (Omuyangwe)

The Bahinda clan who are the rulers of Ankole are descendants of Ruhinda. He is Ruhinda because he had a black mark (Ekibibi) on his face. Most Gatabi clan have this black part on some part of their body.

The origin is from Wamara who produced Ruhinda with Njunaki (muyangwe) who was daughter of Katuku. From here, that's how Gatabi clan evolved.

Gatarangyi is our well recognised ancestor who produced Tashururwa, then Tashururwa produced Bikonya who also produced Turyabimanya and the rest as showed in the

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